• rhnesson

Reading Aloud

Tips for reading aloud:

1. Encourage the child to get involved in the story by describing pictures and making predictions.

2. Follow the child’s answer with another question. (“What is the dog doing?”)Repeat what the child says and expand on it.

3. Praise and encourage the child often.

4. Follow the child’s interests when helping choose books. Allow time to discuss what the child finds most interesting.

5. Point to words as you read so the child knows that words flow from left to right and that the story comes from words rather than pictures.

6. Try reading in character and acting out parts of the book.

7. Do not overcorrect or interrupt the child. Praise the child for self-correcting.

8. If the book is too frustrating, offer to take turns reading.

9. Answer any questions the child may have while reading.

10. Praise the child often.



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